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Jersey City, NJ

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Experience :

10+ Years

About the Role

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This individual will be a key contributor to enhance and maintain the Data Quality Incident Management(DQIM) application utilizing the IBM BusinessAutomation Workflow (BAW) or Business ProcessManager (BPM). This role will interact with the larger development team, share design and solutions, and contribute to the overall objectives of the development team. This individual will manage the incidents to resolution including escalation and investigation with business and IT partners.

Collaborate with business stakeholders and other technical team members to gather and analyze application requirements
Able to document detailed design application process flows as per business requirement – high level / low level design documents
Implement Business Automation Workflow application architecture and developing solutions using BAW platform
Implement Coaches/UI, Human Tasks, System Tasks and Toolkit using Business ProcessDesigns (BPD's) within BPM / BAW
In depth knowledge of user interface and coding within various JS Frameworks including Dojo, React JS and Angular JS, HTML coding and styling, CSS, AJAX etc.
Identify anti-patterns specific to Workflow application (like string of pearls, constellations, rule of seven etc.) and ensure avoidance anti-pattern implementation
Able to create wireframes, storyboards, sitemaps and screen flows. Conduct usability testing
Ability to create custom coach views (CVs) and work with BPM coach views Brazos, stock controls, spark etc.
Integrate BPM with external partners by consuming and exposing RESTful and SOAP based webservices and interacting with external systems using asynchronous JMS communication mechanism
Working with Oracle Database and RDBMS concepts Working with AIS (Advance Integration Services), UCAs, Team Filter/Retrieval Services and external integrations
Maintaining parallel code base for various BPMprocess applications/toolkits by creating tracks, performing code merge, and ensuring no instance migration issues when migrating the instances from old snapshot to new one.



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